Will Rogers taught us:
»Nothing you can’t spell will ever work.« 

Let’s call a thing by its name: 
... not so easy, is it?

Name Development, Slogans & Tag Lines

Naming is one of the most complex tasks at the beginning of a brand development process. The aim is to create an image of a whole universe in just a few letters. There are a wide variety of brainstorming methods for the naming process. Creating a new name is and will always be a balancing act. Symmetry, accentuation, and precisely the right balance between analytical and intuitive, logical and emotional elements have to be found and implemented with sensitivity and finesse.
Name Development for a Classical Music Festival
Klangbogen Wien

Since the 1990s – almost more than two decades – the “Klangbogen Wien” has been a summerly, classical musical festival in front of the Vienna City Hall. Originally conceived as a fantasy word, which was derived from a combination of timbre (literally translated: tone color) and suspense (literally translated: tension arc), the term »Klangbogen« has established itself among the Viennese and tourists as a generally understandable term for the classic music summer festival.

German translation: Seit den 90ern – fast über zwei Dekaden lang – war der »Klangbogen Wien« ein sommerlicher, musikalischer Fixpunkt vor dem Wiener Rathaus. Ursprünglich als Phantasiewort konzipiert, das sich aus einer Kombination von Klangfarbe und Spannungsbogen hergeleitet, hat sich der Begriff Klangbogen bei den Wienerinnen und Wienern als allgemein verständlicher Begriff für den Musikalischen Sommer etabliert.

Product and Name Development for an Online Portal
Viternity is an online funeral and memorial online portal. Viternity is an artificial word, comprised from two Latin terms: vivere, vita (life, lifetime) and aeternitas, aeternus (eternity, eternal, immortal). Viternity is a sensual, easy-to-pronounce brand name that overcomes linguistic and confessional boundaries. The associated company holding brand name is formed as Viternitas GmbH.

Tagline for JAJAH Start-Up (USA/ESP)
Free Your Voice

Jajah, a global VOIP telephony company offered their services for more than 4 years in the world Wide Web. Jajah was sold finally in 2009 for 207 Mio. $ to Telefonica Spain. One of the most successful start-up stories made in Austria. Being a member of this team was an incomparable experience in my entire professional career! I was in charge of branding, logo design and also worked on the tagline »Free Your Voice«.

Naming strategy for a Cultural Institution
Museum Hundertwasser

The two terms "Hundertwasser-House" and "Hundertwasser-Museum" often caused confusion for tourists and even for the Viennese locals – also because both houses were situated very close in the 3. District in Vienna.
With a trick to put the term »Museum« in front of the term »Hundertwasser«, the two different houses were much better distinguishable. Today in everyday language: Kunst Haus Wien – MUSEUM HUNDERTWASSER and HUNDERTWASSER HAUS.

Strategic Support for Name-Finding
Brotfabrik Wien

Moderation of a workshop to find a (brand) name for the gallery cluster on the site of the former »Anker Brotfabrik« (Anker Bread Factory). My task was to discuss and select from different opinions and interests, argue and work out a solution that was satisfactory for all parties, with the involvement of all owners.

Artist’s Pseudonym
Count Basic

»Count Basic«, Austria's international figurehead in terms of soul and R&B, is now a well known artist name.

Name Development for a Music-Label (GER)

»OFFCOURSE« was a sub-brand of the Bertelsmann music group in Germany (BMG). The brand name stands for cross-over music, it basically stands for music genres outside the normal musical path. Offcourse is a made-up word, playing with »off the direct route« and »Of course, yes to cross-over-music«. In the wake of the real turmoil in the music industry around the millennium, this label was closed again after a few releases, too bad.

Naming for an Austrian Service Provider
(Four / Vier)

»4 Telecom Services« is an Austrian provider of business and internet telephony. During the name research, it turned out that business customers, in addition to a good price / performance ratio, primarily rely on competence, reliability and security. Therefore, the new name should be factual, straight forard, and in no case too creative. In addition to the domestic big players such as One, Tele2 and 3 Hutchinson, 4 Telecom Services was pragmatically the obvious and coherent company name.

Product Name for Wooden Pellets

»Biopress Pellets Power« is a domestic, CO2-neutral and renewable energy source made from wooden pellets at the highest possible quality level. The task was to find a term that is equally understandable both in the Styria region and in neighboring language regions. The following descriptions should describe the term to be developed in its essence: renewable fuel, high quality and uniqueness/coolness.

Naming for a Ticket Package

Mumok, the Architekturzentrum (AzW) and the Kunsthalle Wien are jointly marketing their combined ticket under this term »Articket– contemporary art and architecture in a triple pack«, which gives visitors discounted entry to all three institutions with one ticket.

Slogan for a Real Estate Developer
Der Zeit ihre Werte
(German only)

Vestwerk Real Estate GmbH acquires, develops and exploits high-quality inner city properties with high demands on architecture and design. The slogan (works only in German) reflects this requirement and attests prospects and investors to this important asset from Vestwerk.

Naming for a Real Estate Developer

Derived from the Italian »Bel Canto« (singing in a beautiful way), the name BELDOMO stands for »The beautiful house«. The core business of Beldomo Immobilien Development AG is the purchase, development and utilization of Art Nouveau houses. 

Hard working on catching names
for start-up companies.
Finally, all three companies did not make it.
Too bad!

Online Search Engine for Antiquarian Books (AUT/ITA)

Page74.com and pg74.com are 6- and 4-letter top-level domain names for an online search engine for antiquarian and second hand books. Despite great efforts and teamwork, no satisfactory name was initially found. A coincidence helped the name finding to success. After many proposals, very disappointed I picked up a book to read on. The bookmark was inserted exactly at page 74. Voila, the name was created! Side story: it was the only number between 1 and 99 still available as .com URL in combination with the term page and the abbreviation pg.

5-Letter-Top-Level-Domain-Name and Slogan for an Online Music Channel (USA) 
Indch.tv – Rock up Close

Name and slogan stand for indie music channel and is a web portal that is currently emerging from the former Beta Records ABC television series. The new music portal combines several US-based and independent music channels that want to form together on the Internet under the new brand name INDCH.TV.

Name Development (USA) 

Fanfana.com, an American start-up, offers TXT services (SMS). It stands for direct and faster communication between the artist / musician / band and his fans than with conventional bulk emails.

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