Book-Design for the legendary Vienna Disco U4
After almost 40 years this place of worship is still bumping! It was closed, abandoned, reopened, re-renovated, and enriched Vienna with legendary concerts: Sade’s career sky rocketed 3 weeks after their show in the U4, Prince showed off his after show concert with no lights on, the legend Curt Cobain, and uncountable stars performed in this club. And the U4 created Vienna's well known doorman Conny the Beauclair. He managed the doors for decades, and is still there! Give up!
In 2001 I designed the first chronicle 'Conny de Beauclair präsentiert 20 Jahre U4'. A couple of years later the disco closed. The Ownership of the club changed and reopened, and again, I was hired to design the book 'U4 DISKOTHEK', a summary of 30 years of fun and happiness! Also in creating this book.

See the book cover and several double pages exemplary. At the end of this sequence you see the present team of the U4, the second from left Conny de Beauclair, and in the middle, front Marcus Wild the new owner.

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