No matter whether we are creating new brands, injecting fresh energy into big brand personalities to make them more compelling or just form a concept.
Our services include all brand communication disciplines. They are advisory, conceptual or constitutive, but always goal-oriented and focused on clearly defined client objectives.

Product Development   CREATING
»Visions, ideas and the creative big bang – Bang!« ... and already everyone is dreaming of a raving success. A good start is half the battle won, but there is still a long and exciting way to go, with unforeseen possibilities and also many risks.
Before we at NNWest can come into play as a brand agency, we assist companies during the start-up process. We offer our creative potential in the form of concept and product development as well as preparation and compilation of presentation documents or business concepts. When dealing with investors or business angels, it is often the first impression that counts.
These NNWest services are available during the development stage as well as during the ongoing branding process. Where concept and product development are concerned, we either work on assignment or develop in-house projects on our own inititative.


Will Rogers taught us: »Nothing you can't spell will ever work.« Let's call a thing by its name: Hmmn – not so easy, is it?
Naming is one of the most complex tasks at the beginning of a brand development process. The aim is to create an image of a whole universe in just a few letters. There are a wide variety of brainstorming methods for the naming process. Creating a new name is and will always be a balancing act. Symmetry, accentuation, and precisely the right balance between analytical and intuitive, logical and emotional elements have to be found and implemented with sensitivity and finesse.

Brand Diagnostics   ELEVATING
»Okay, everything is up and running.« But nevertheless, they could be running more smoothly. The question is: which buttons should we push to make them do so?
Diagnostics helps us to make a current-state analysis of a certain brand; taking this as a basis, we and our clients then formulate its target value together. The object is to bring these values into line with each other, step by step. It is this alignment cycle that underlies a project management process, which involves the integration of all relevant brand-creation elements.
VISUAL: Based on the company logo, company facilities, advertising and communication channels, packaging, vehicle fleet, clothing, etc. we review the consistent graphic and visual brand effect of a company and its products or services.
VERBAL: We examine and evaluate the congruence of internal and external CI/CD/CC processes regarding their respective messages about the company and the resultant company image.
MEDIA-RELATED: This covers the (media-related) testing of the company's internal and external presence. Results are achieved on the basis of its communication activities with relevant dialogue networks while taking into consideration its socio-economic environment.

Brand Development and Brand Engineering   PLANNING

»Ready, set, go!« Not everything starts at point zero. Sometimes what is needed is to jump up, get a grip and hold on even tighter.
From brand idea to brand routine. NNWest's brand engineering is a three-phase model consisting of brand creation, brand education and brand maturation. Depending on requirements, one or all of these, in series, constitute(s) part of a brand development or brand management process.
As soon as possible, brand creation depicts the generated brand through analysis, conception and realization. It defines the stage from brand idea to brand day (brand launch). Brand education takes care of the young brand and, while evaluating it, accompanies its market entry through its first communicative activities. If a brand is already well-established on the market, but has passed its zenith of effectiveness, we give this well-established brand new freshness and desirability through brand maturation.

Brand Process Monitoring – BPM   CONTROLLING

»You have to break an egg to make an omelette.« And because this is all too true, accurate controlling is a must to make sure important details won't go unnoticed. Incredible what, at this stage, sometimes comes to light.
Every developing process benefits from having someone keep an eye on the progress and contractual correctness of a project (or project development) and who, in the case of discrepancies, informs both the project executives and the clients. Process-monitoring – in which NNWest has 25 years of experience in the industry and 15 years of brand experience – enables us to locate any deviations from the mutually agreed path and to make necessary adjustments or offer alternative scenarios. This raises the confidence of all parties in the project and enables the client to feel certain that the project is making positive progress.

Graphic and Corporate Design   VISUALIZING

»Show me what you look like and I'll tell you who you are!« And make no mistakes, because in our indulged society you hardly ever get a second chance.
NNWest's basic graphics work lies in the field of logo and corporate design. The benchmark for good graphic design is currently in a state of transformation. For a long time, emphasis was laid on image folders or image brochures as communication tools; now information media like the Internet also have to communicate the necessary image. Therefore, the focus of our graphics resources is increasingly being placed on the Internet and on offering digital image-creating communication models for the company itself. Web portals offering interactive assets and mobile apps are routine for us. Nevertheless, because of our many years of experience in the print field, we are acquainted with graphics production for magazines (editorial design) and company facilities (corporate design), or the packaging of, for example, sound recordings (package design).
We don't see design as an end in itself, but rather as an ntuitive brand ambassador that convincingly, eloquently and effectively communicates products, companies and services to the market.
Working as a competence and creativity partner to find solutions in complex brand processes, NNWest employs appropriate models and specially selected, interdisciplinary teams. We accomplish our projects by means of integrated communication and project management.

Creative Affairs   PROCEDURE

We assist our clients throughout the entire project process: from product development and brand development through brand launching to everyday brand matters.

On the one hand, we assess existing brands by means of brand diagnostics; ascertain their status quo and analyze their possible brand potential, develop young brand personalities and preserve the attractiveness of well-established brands. On the other hand, we monitor external brand development processes as a sparring partner or creative controller, thus giving our clients and all other parties involved in the process assurance of positive project progress.

Our fields of activity encompass all brand communication disciplines. Our services are advisory, conceptual or constitutive, but always goal and solution oriented so as to achieve clearly defined benefits for the client.

Project Management   TOOLS

Agency routine is a foreign concept to us. Our working style is individual and solution-oriented.

Our projects and interventions benefit from the directness and transparency of our working style based on project management. We develop our projects in a theme-related manner within a limited period of time in co-ordination with our clients. Phase-relevant briefing, sensitive interface management and repeated evaluations enable us to neutralize even small deviations at any time during the project cycle and help to save both time and money.

Our lean management approach intentionally forgoes a creative and administrative overhead and relies on systematic and interdisciplinary networking with the respective service provider at the required moment. Such networking enriches the design process throughout the entire value added chain.

Powerflower   PLAYERS

Powerflower is the name of our network of interdisciplinary partners who, under the brand name NNWest, provide modular individual services as required. Services such as strategy development, integrated communication, design and interactive functionalities, as well as text and image editing, constitute the basic competences within this network.

The competences and players that are united by POWERFLOWER form – in addition to the model (creative affairs) and the instrument (project management) – the third component of NNWest's brand process.

We work in an interdisciplinary manner with a core team of professionals in the industry according to the model of NNWest Powerflower. Our focus is concentrated on providing high client benefits despite our slim organizational structure (lean management).
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